One of the greatest unexpected pleasures in this campaign has been learning who my Kickstarter backers are. You are truly an amazing and diverse group of people! Though I am tempted to highlight some of the awesome things you do, I don’t want to spoil the fun of discovery. See for yourself!

All Kickstarter backers are listed in the order in which the pledges were made, with the exception of the top backers whose especially generous support deserves special recognition.

List of Top Kickstarter Backers

 inkcrayon pictures , Film Development & Production
Todd Clarke, real estate consulting
UncleBob – The Gadget Doc
Ruth Ann Harnisch, Apply for $1K for your Awesome project!
Lawrence Friedlander
Jeanne Kramer-Smyth, Books for Ears: Audio Book Reviews
Dr. Sharon Estill Taylor,
Robert John Taylor, Hybrid and Conceptual Art
Make the world a better more beautiful place!, we make documentaries
Peter Young, Home of my main hobby
The Storyteller, An environment for deconstructing stories.
Kaye Davis-Bertheaud
Lauren S, my blog on the history of science
Dee Marie
Judi C.
Gert ‘Jim’ Muller, Laser cuts for a model railroad!
Clement T Cole & Margaret E Marshall
Robert C Griffin, My Facebook page.
Judith Lautner, All about veganism
Morgan Smith
Eintein’s Workshop, My kids-oriented maker space
Kalestis GmbH,
[email protected], Verlisia @ Endless Cravings
Unwind Your Mind and Get Creative!, Art and Meditation for a Balanced Mind
Allison Frame
Robert Mendonca
Griffin Jones
Venron Hirokawa, Family friendly community game
the Moodsign, An innovative device to keep your romance alive
Genevieve Cottraux
Russell “Wolfeh” Zweers
Cathi Bouton, American Sign Language CDs
Diana E.
Seth Carnill Photographer, Wedding Photography
Jordi Buskermolen, thispagecannotbefound
Miroslav Sommer
Gail McCormick, Gail McCormick Paper Cutting
Red Ink Editorial Services, Professional copyediting and proofreading
AEJ Designs, Papercrafting
Persis L. Thorndike
Brilliant Bathrooms, Hampshire (UK) based bathroom specialists.
National Payday, The web’s trusted payday lender.
Airigami, The fine art of folding air
Laurent V., Art is for all
Reena Nemirovsky
John Hines Jr, A complete waste of time…
Macarena Martínez-Conde, my website–about my children’s picture books
Contrig, A little bit of everything
Denise Price, See the first pop up book of Boston by Denise
Lotus Jones
farewell debut, art photography and musings
Stephen Brown, Paper Modeling Frequently Asked Questions
Mary McNeely
Charlma Kile

I would like to add one disclaimer: I checked all websites to make sure the links were good and the page you will land on after clicking could be rated PG 13 at first glance. For the most part I did not check out the entire website or read through the articles. I cannot guarantee that in there, somewhere, is something someone could deem inappropriate or offensive, and by posting these links I am not endorsing everything that is said or sold on those websites.