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Looking for a custom pop-up design? You have come to the right place! Do you want a one-off card for a very special person and a very special occasion? Are you looking for a mass-produced pop-up to promote your business? Then read about the design choices and development process we will go through to turn your unique idea into reality, then fill out the request form below. A bespoke card is a true collaboration, and one which can be very rewarding: we will work together to create the card you have been dreaming of, and together we make a card even better than we’d thought possible.

Check out more photos of other custom pop-up design projects for inspiration.



Cost of a custom pop-up design

A custom card will never cost less than $150 to design, and it can easily cost much more

Many different factors influence the cost: the pop-up style influences the time it takes to design and fabricate the card. You might want a template which you can fabricate yourself, or you might want to order anywhere from one to thousands of finished cards. Design and fabrication costs are calculated separately.

Design and Fabrication

custom pop-up design

Fabrication costs of a custom pop-up card will vary depending on the design. This means that if you plan on ordering more than 20 cards a quote will have to be in two phases. Your first quote will be for the design of a prototype, then, once the design is completed and approved, the cost of production can be estimated.

Keep in mind that even though there are some savings for ordering in bulk, pop-up cards still need to be assembled individually, by hand. This affects not only the cost (rarely less than $10/unit), but also the time it takes to manufacture and deliver the cards.


On average, you should figure two weeks to design a pop-up card, including preliminary discussions, reviewing a rough prototype, and refining the design. It can take less time if you are able to communicate exactly what you want and you have all the artwork available, or more time if the project is complicated and requires the input and approval of many people. The time needed for fabrication can only be estimated once the design is approved, but if you are making hundreds of cards you should count on many weeks before you can expect delivery.

Pop-up card style

There are many different techniques for fabricating pop-up cards, but they can be divided into two general categories:
90 degrees colorThis piano is a 90° style card, printed in color with photo realistic images.


This slice of cake is a 180° style card. The pop-up has no printing (only colored paper is used)

Request an estimate for your own custom pop-up design

Please give us some details about your project by filling out the form below. You must give specific information about the style of card, the quantity  and size you need, and please describe what you want the pop-up to represent! Include photos or sketches if you have them. Images are extremely useful. Let us know what artwork you will provide. Will you be designing the card cover (the exterior) or do you want my quote to include graphic design as well as paper engineering? The more information you can give, the better.

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    90 degrees color

    Do you want a DIY digital template or a finished card to be fabricated for you?

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    Please note: "Digital template" means I will email you a PDF file for you to print and make yourself. If you want physical pop-up cards mailed to you, please select "Finished card"

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    If you would like the quote to include the design for the card exterior, please describe it here

    PLEASE ATTACH IMAGE. This could either be artwork for me to use in the design, or a picture of a pop-up similar to the one you would like me to make.

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    When does the card absolutely have to be completed?

    Please note: on average, a single custom card will take about two weeks to design, and then you should budget between one week to 6-8 months for production, depending on the quantity and complexity of the card. On very rare occasions -- if the engineering is straightforward, if you have a very precise idea of what you want, all the artwork is ready to go, and you only need a digital file or a few prototypes -- your custom project can take less time. However if you need hundreds of pop-up cards delivered next week, then you might need to reconsider your project.

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    Please note: custom pop-up design payments are not refundable, so you will “pay as you go”.

    The proposal will include a payment schedule, starting with an initial deposit when the proposal is accepted. Subsequent payments are due when you approve the various phases of the design and fabrication.