Advanced Projects

These advanced projects are more challenging or simply time consuming to make. Some are difficult to cut, others are challenging to fold — and the rest will try your patience from beginning to end! That said, the experience is very rewarding, and the result will be well worth your effort.

Download these printable pop-up card templates and test your skills now!


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Katherine Belsey
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scalpel craft knife is often referred to by the brand name X-ACTO.  The cutting required to produce most of these advanced projects is too intricate for even the sharpest pair of scissors.

self healing cutting mat such as this one is invaluable for cutting with a scalpel knife. Though you can protect your table by cutting over old newspapers, this will preserve the life of your blades and ensure your cuts are smooth.

You will need to score your paper. Creating this crease mark on the fold lines will guarantee that your fold is exactly where it is needed, and that it appears crisp and clean. Precision is very important when you are making pop-up cards. Although you can use a blunt tool such as a knitting needle, or even a ball point pen (if you can draw the lines on the reverse of the card), having a designated scoring tool will make this job much easier.

Click here to view more tools and material suggestions.


If you have no previous paper craft experience, is is best to start with the beginner or intermediate projects on this site, unless you are especially dexterous and patient. Start out by making a few pop-up cards from the pop-up card selections below, and work you way up to the advanced projects.