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Blank pop-up house

Do you want to hang paintings by Rembrandt or Picasso on your walls, color your sofa purple or own a priceless antique oriental carpet? This template can make all those dreams come true — it’s up to you, since you’re the decorator.

The blank pop-up house includes PDF files for eight rooms and for the foam core house structure which will hold them all together. Each pop-up card, which creates the floor, one wall and all the furniture, is made of a single sheet of paper which you can print on standard letter sized paper. Cut on the lines, fold along the dots and dashes, then unleash your creativity.

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Georgia drawing

These rooms fit into the same house structure as the pop-up house kit and download, so you can swap rooms around if you tire of a particular decorating scheme.

blank pop up house kitchen
blank pop up house bathroom

When you’re all done, don’t forget to take pictures and share your work with the world!

blank pop-up house dining
Dining room
blank pop up house living room
Living room


blank pop-up house master bedroom
blank stairs
Downstairs hall
blank pop-up house upstairs hall
Upstairs hall
blank pop-up house kids room
Kid’s room with bunk bed
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