Make Anything Pop-Up is a curated marketplace. Here is a list of the artists we have selected for the quality of their work, listed in alphabetical order.

Katherine Belsey

founded Make Anything Pop-up in 2012, and her designs include many pop-up cards for all skill levels, paper toys (such as a working paper Rubik’s cube or the pop-up paper house) as well as paper tools, like the mechanical frog calculator.

Duncan Birmingham’s

downloads on Make Anything Pop Up include full color pop-up card templates as well as designs intended to teach the mechanisms of paper engineering, giving you the tools to come up with your own creative solutions. All his designs are FREE, though you can make a voluntary contribution if you’d like to show us your support and appreciation. 65% of your donation will go to Doctors Without Borders!

Shawn Sheehy

joined Make Anything Pop Up in early 2019, soon after it became a curated marketplace. He has posted a lovely collection of flowers as well as pop-up cards for all sorts of holidays and celebrations.