Pop-Up Gift Cards

Gift cards are great! It’s wonderful to get money to spend on what you REALLY want and need — but — they’re boring little plastic things which aren’t fun to open. Even though gift certificates are generous and thoughtful, they don’t always come across that way; no one wants to look like they couldn’t think of a real present. To make gift cards really special… make pop-up gift cards!

This collection of pop-up gift cards solves the gift card dilemma

When you offer your gift certificate wrapped up in a hand-made pop-up card, you will demonstrate that you put a lot of time, thought and effort into your gift (no one needs to know your card was actually very easy and quick to make).


This pop-up is designed to contain a gift card (or simply cash) for a teacher. The pull-out tab which holds the gift can easily be signed by an entire class.