teacher-peaceHow many mugs should you give a teacher?
a) One per semester, per student
b) A half dozen
c) None, teachers would prefer cash
d) Just one mug, with your child’s picture

The correct answer is c for Cash. Yes, they would even prefer that to the mug  with your child’s photo or artwork — they see those all day, so give them a break, and let them have their morning coffee in peas!

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It is called cold cash for a reason though, so personalize your gift with this easy to make holiday pop-up card. The front shows the answer to an (unasked) test question, which is sure to amuse any teacher involved in standardized test prep. Inside, the  pop-up dove carries an olive branch — and in the back a slit in the card allows you to insert either cash or a gift card. Have all the classmates sign the card for a group gift, or be the teacher’s dove and keep it personal!

Of course you don’t have to include cash — or even give this card to a teacher! You can skip the back pocket, use a different cover, make this with grey card stock, put a juicy red heart in its beak and send off your messenger pigeon as a Valentine.

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