Rubik's-loop-250Each printable paper puzzle box can have two different patterns — the Rubik’s Cube, or a calendar which fits all twelve months on the six faces of a cube. The box is not covered with a removable sleeve, and it does not fold inside out — can you figure it out?


The Paper Rubik’s Cube (download)

paper-puzzle-box-rubik's-cube-scrambledThis looks exactly like a real Rubik’s cube, all scrambled up, but only three quick rotations will solve the puzzle. Here is a fully “functional” printable Rubik’s cube which is much easier to solve  than the original. It can also be more rewarding: it’s a box, so you can fill it up with treats!

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Learn more about the Rubik’s Cube download.

The Paper Rubik’s Cube (printed version)

DIY isn’t for everyone. If you want to lay your hands on one of these paper Rubik’s cubes without risking your fingers, get this cube, printed on black card stock, which includes a matching pop-up gift label. It ships flat so there is some minor assembly, but you’ll save on shipping! Learn more.

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Mini Paper Rubik’s Cube (download)

mini-rubiksA miniature printable version of the Rubik’s cube is also available. This mini Rubik’s cube is cut in one piece from a single sheet of letter-sized paper, yet it works just as well as the full-sized paper puzzle box.

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Rubik’s Cube® used by permission of Rubik’s Brand Ltd

The Desktop Calendar Puzzle

cube-calendar-paper-puzzle-boxYou will have six months to figure out how to display July through December — but in reality you can solve this puzzle much faster.  This is a download you can print and make yourself. 

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Custom or bulk orders

If you’d like to sell the Paper Puzzle box in your store or you would like a custom design for a large order, click here.

How does the paper puzzle box work?

The paper puzzle box mechanism is simple to operate, but counterintuitive. Start by opening the box. Easy, right? All you need to do is rotate the two parts of the box on the hinge. But then KEEP ON ROTATING the parts in the same direction! The two parts rotate around each other without ever becoming detached.

Watch real people solve the Rubik’s cube paper puzzle box.

Watch how all twelve months fit on the six sides of the calendar paper puzzle box.

Additional Instructions

The template comes with instructions, and you can also watch a video tutorial for the calendar (since the mechanism is identical for both versions of the cube, this tutorial will also help you make the Rubik’s cube). If you prefer more detailed written and illustrated instructions, click here.