Most doll houses are space hogs, dust magnets and insanely expensive to boot. Not this pop-up paper house!

Knock it down and fold it up for storage or travel.

Add a little sweat equity and you can download this two story, eight room printable home for $15.  

Or get a kit shipped to you, complete with a sturdy knock-down structure and all the rooms printed, cut, scored and ready or assembly for $50. Each room is made of two interlocking pop-up cards, so it is much more sturdy than you’d expect from a paper toy.

This house is not for display, it is designed for play.


The Pop-Up Paper House Comes in Three Versions

Choose the Right Paper Dream Home for You

Cheaper but More Work

Printable Download

 A printable PDF file you can download instantly. Print, cut, and fold it yourself. You will also need to build a house structure to assemble all the rooms in a two story house

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Faster Assembly, Gorgeous Printing with Foil Stamped Mirrors

Pop-Up Paper House Kit

The boxed kit includes all the necessary templates (including a sturdy corrugated cardboard house structure).  All pieces are printed, cut, scored, and ready for you to fold and assemble. 

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Download & Decorate Your Own Home

Blank Pop-Up Paper House

A printable PDF file for a blank house you can download immediately and decorate yourself. Includes eight blank rooms which fit into the same house structure as the printed pop-up paper house

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For ages 7 and up (for playing) & 12 and up (for making)
Rooms measure 5 cubic inches. Completed house is 10.25" by 10.25" by 10.5" Scale is 30:1
Step by step video tutorials online

You can view video tutorials, or see the completed house being assembled and taken apart for storage.

Read how this house came to be.

Custom pop-up paper house

This house is not for sale, but it’s fun to look at the pictures of the real house next to the pop-up rooms.

Custom pop-up paper house