Pop-Up Paper House

pop-up paper house kitMost doll houses are space hogs, dust magnets and insanely expensive to boot. Not this pop-up paper house! Knock it down and fold it up for storage or travel. Add a little sweat equity and this two story, eight room printable home can be yours for as little as $12.95.  Each room is made of two interlocking pop-up cards, so it is much more sturdy than you’d expect from a paper toy. This house is not for display, it is designed for play.

The Pop-Up Paper House comes in THREE versions

kitchen pop-up templatepop-up paper house kit



  • A boxed kit which includes all the necessary templates (including a sturdy corrugated cardboard house structure) printed, cut, scored, and ready to be folded and assembled.



All three versions are the same size, each room measuring 5 cubic inches. Completed house with its structure is 10.25″ by 10.25″ by 10.5″ The approximate scale is 30:1

Boys and pop-up paper houseFor ages 7 and up (for playing) & 12 and up (for making).

You can view video tutorials, or see the completed house being assembled and taken apart for storage.

Read how this house came to be.


Buy a printable PDF file for the whole pop-up paper house or get each room one at a time.


Custom pop-up paper house

This house is not for sale, but it’s fun to look at the pictures of the real house next to the pop-up rooms.

Custom pop-up paper house