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I am not a cat

After nearly a whole year of struggling with social distancing and virtual meetings, a real-life courtroom drama in Texas  involving a cat zoom filter mishap was exactly what we needed to see… and now you can download a printable version of the “I am not a cat” meme to watch even when your phone batteries run out. Because who can resist making those cat eyes dart around by opening and closing a mechanical card?

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The cart exterior boldly states the obvious: I am not a cat. But when you open the card, reality is not so clear. “I can see that…” it reads, quoting the invisible judge, even though an adorable and slightly frightened kitten has clearly replaced one of the attorneys.

The printable PDF cat zoom file is formatted on letter sized paper but you can print it on A4 without any cropping. The finished card measures approximately 5.25″ by 3.25″ (13.5cm by 8.5cm). The download includes instructions, but you can find more details and photos on instructables.



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