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MEA CULPA apology

mea culpaSaying “Sorry” is a lot more difficult than just uttering two syllables. Expressing regret usually isn’t quite enough, you need to offer a true “Mea culpa,” you have to take responsibility and shoulder the blame — sometimes even if you feel completely innocent! This MEA CULPA apology pop-up card will set you on the path to forgiveness, and it will work much better than a bouquet of flowers — though presenting it along with some nice red roses will certainly help too.

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 Mea culpa means “through my fault” in Latin

forgiveEven though your apology is written in latin, the emojis and pop-up arrows deliver your message in a visual language universally understood. Download includes instructions and a second version with the arrows and emojis but without the text, so you can write your own message.

This card, complete with the cover, can be printed on a single sheet of letter sized paper.

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