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Missing Puzzle Piece

The most frustrating thing which can happen when you’re about to solve a puzzle is to be missing that last puzzle piece. Open up this pop-up card and you will discover not one, but two jigsaw pieces “holding hands.” The simplicity of the design belies the many sentiments you can convey: this card can speak for romantic love (“a piece of my heart was missing till I met you!”). Use this design as a condolence card (“I’m here for you”) or, with a company logo on the cover, congratulate a new member with a pop-up “welcome to the team!” 

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The download includes a hand-painted watercolor heart or a blank version so you can add your own artwork. The card is very simple to make: just fold a sheet of paper in half, cut through two layers at once and then pop-up the puzzle pieces. However, you will need a scalpel knife  to do it right (see tools and materials).

Pop-up puzzle piece

For the interior, you can choose to join the two pop-up puzzle pieces either with a heart or a more neutral rounded shape.

The printable template is formatted on a letter sized sheet but it can be printed on A4. The finished card is 5.5″ by 4.25″ — minus that bite-size missing puzzle piece!

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Design Notes Please note that these PDF files are locked and cannot be modified. You can either draw on the printed blank template or add your artwork by putting the sheet through the printer twice. If you would like to add your own artwork digitally to the blank template, please contact MakePopUpCards.com/contact-us/

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