will-you-be-mine-kaleidocycleA Kaleidocycle can be described as a rotating ring of pyramids. Specifically, it is a ring formed by an even number of tetrahedra (a tetrahedron is a pyramid with equal edges and equilateral triangles as sides). To be less technical it is as a wonderful, hypnotizing paper toy you can twist around and around forever.

There are an infinite number of kaleidocycles, but you can download two very useful designs here.

“Will You Be Mine?” Valentine kaleidocycle

Make this mysterious, anonymous Valentine gift. Your message will not be as obvious as the picture above, since only one word is visible at a time. This kaleidocycle is made of eight pyramids, but can be cut and assembled from one sheet of paper.


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Calendar Kaleidocycle

Calendar-Kaleidocycle-sideCalendar-kaleidocycle-topThis is a six pyramid ring, which shows three months at a time. Turn it around and around to view the whole year. It is a fun desktop calendar to have on your desk. Not only is it useful for counting the weeks till your next vacation, it is a very relaxing fiddling toy.

I-am-so-sorry-kaleidocycleI am SO Sorry!

If you want to make someone forgive you, the best way is to make them laugh — or at least smile. What better way to accomplish this goal than to drop a paper toy into their lap? As they turn it around, they will see your apology over and over and over again. If you’re not forgiven after that, then you can try making the MEA CULPA pop-up card.apology

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Design your Own Kaleidocycle

This wonderful paper toy website (not affiliated with Make Anything Pop-Up) allows you to upload your photos and automatically creates a template you can print and make yourself.