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No-Sew Face Mask

Don’t like wasteful single use masks? Keep on reading.

Can’t sew but want to make your own masks? These are for you.

Does your nose tend to peep out from under your cloth mask? We’ve got you covered.

Plus it goes without saying that these masks are super comfortable. And cute!

Four no-sew face mask patterns, infinite design possibilities

You can download four different patterns: the paper mask design is quick to make and fun to decorate, but the wire mesh design resists humidity and is easy to disinfect. The Jack O’Lantern Pumpkin mask is just plain fun. The copper star mask is simply fabulous, combining all the qualities of the other designs — but it requires more materials to make it.

no-sew face maskMake the paper mask right now, with materials you have on hand. Color it, paint it, or wrap it in copper foil*, which will increase its durability AND its anti-bacterial properties (copper has been shown to be one of the most inhospitable materials for the COVID 19 virus).

copper mesh no-sew face maskThe wire mesh mask is the perfect reusable solution: you will need to get some specialized materials and tools (copper fabric, a hole punch and eyelets, felt and, if possible, a hot glue gun or soldering iron) but the extra effort will pay off in durability and “cleanability.” the soft wire mesh shell holds cheap, disposable and efficient paper towel to use as filters and it can be disinfected over and over. You can also use this pattern to cut a piece of felt, to use as a liner for the other masks

Pumpkin no-sew face maskIn the spirit of Halloween, the Pumpkin no-sew face mask is a fun variation on the theme. 

best face maskWhen you are ready to step up your game, you’ll need to make the copper star face mask. This newest design combines the copper clad design with the copper mesh fabric optimizing the design’s durability, comfort and protection.

Still not convinced? You can customize the fit by scaling the image when you print it. Add steam-punk decorations. You can even add a rubber sealed perforations so you can drink through straws without removing the mask!

If the extensive field testing we’ve done is any indication, you will (almost) forget you are wearing a mask, but it will stop you in your tracks when you subconsciously try to scratch your nose.

Also, get used to people stopping you on the street to compliment your mask. Tell them the design is based on a modified icosidodecahedron. If you can pronounce it.

All files are formatted on letter sized paper but can be printed on A4.

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