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Sell Your Designs Here!

MakePopUpCards.com was launched in 2012 with the goal of sharing knowledge and affordable pop-up cards worldwide.  The site was founded by paper engineer Katherine Belsey, and featured her designs exclusively — until now.

MakePopUpCards is currently accepting applications from paper engineers and artists who would like to sell or share their downloadable designs without the need to pay for a domain, a web designer, a host, or to set up an account with a credit card processor. No need to develop a client base and email list… we already have a faithful audience of paper engineering fans and an email list of over 10,000 individuals worldwide, who all voluntarily signed up and confirmed their subscription.

Unlike the audience of general, un-curated marketplaces like Etsy, our subscribers are dedicated DIY paper crafters. And unlike other market places, you can share your work for free — to gain exposure, drive traffic to your personal website or simply for the joy of sharing — and without paying any fees.