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Geodesic Disco Ball

Download this template to make a 20cm diameter sphere with 320 triangular facets. Make it with mirrored card stock to get a gorgeous geodesic disco ball!

This template is formatted to print on a letter sized sheet (8.5″ by 11″) but it can also be printed on A4 or even scaled up to make a larger sphere.

geodesic disco ballThis model was designed to be easy to make and assemble, but you will need patience and perseverance! To make the full 4V dome you will cut and assemble 14 separate pieces. The model requires six sheets of letter sized mirror card stock.* More information and instructions are posted on instructables.com 

This download includes one PDF file with a printable template and instructions. A second PDF file shows just the die lines of the three elements forming the dome. You can import these into your digital cutter software.

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