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Rhombicuboctahedron Globe

A Rhombicuboctahedron is an Archimedean solid with eight triangular and eighteen square faces. There are 24 identical vertices, with one triangle and three squares meeting at each one. But this printable download is not a mere rhombicuboctahedron: it is a globe, which you can add to your collection of geometrical portraits of mother earth.

Print the template on a standard sized sheet of lightweight card stock, cut it with a pair of scissors, and assemble with glue. The printable pattern is designed for easy assembly. The image can be scaled when you print it to fit on A4. If you print this model at 100% scale it will be approximately 7cm wide (2 3/4″).

This is a 3D model, not a pop-up! Once you complete your globe you cannot fold it flat.

The rhombicuboctahedron globe download includes a simple black design. Keep it “as is” or cover with laser toner reactive foil* for a shiny metallic effect — or a print the line drawings version so you can color it yourself! If you want a blank rhombicuboctahedron to decorate your own polyhedra, simply fold the pieces inside out.

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